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The last thing we're interested in is wasting your time or energy, so let's start by checking if the online program is right for you. If you answer YES to four or more of the questions below, read on as our online program sounds like it would suit you and your lifestyle.


  • Do you want to reduce your weight (and waist) and keep it like that long-term?
  • Do you feel confused about what choices are healthy?
  • Are you self-motivated, work best on your own or feel intimidated in a group?
  • Are you time-poor but still want to be able to join a weight loss program?
  • Do you prefer choosing your own place and time to get things done?
  • Do you want a complete program that takes a holistic approach to improving health?
  • Do you want to feel happy and full of life?

If you answered YES to four or more of the above questions, then the online program is for you!


Created by Lifestyle Medicine Scientists, this program distils the best scientific information available and delivers it in a program that leaves gimmicks and unsustainable fads out of the picture. The program will provide you with knowledge, skills and motivation to support you to create the changes you need to become healthier, reduce your waist line and to keep it that way in the future.

You'll get new information emailed to you every week that builds your knowledge and skills to change your lifestyle behaviours so that you can sustain your weight loss and resulting healthier life! There is telephone and online support available when needed. There are heaps of readings, videos, activities and other resources to keep you effectively working towards improving your health and wellbeing. There are also loads of tips available to you to help you along the way on your lifestyle improvement path.

You'll feel an amazing sense of satisfaction and achievement when you start seeing your results, which is even more emphasized when you realise those results are sustainable with simple lifestyle changes that you have identified and made for yourself.

Being overweight or obese can increase your risk of developing chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer and certain mental health disorders. It can also influence how you see yourself, and in some cases lead to severe anxiety and depression.

With nearly 70% of men being overweight and 30% obese in the developed world, it's clear that our modern society influences our behaviours and attitudes, leading to this ever-growing epidemic. The LMS programs recognise this as a key cause of increased weight – we know that being overweight is not just your fault!

On a daily basis, you are sent internal messages from your brain and hormonal system to grab those sweet and calorie-rich foods, while reducing your physical activity. To add to this, there's ongoing pressure from external sources in your environment to consume more, and do less. Consumption is at an all-time high, and so is convenience. These two factors don't bode well for weight loss!

While it's clear that being overweight or obese involves many factors outside a person's control, there is a degree of willpower needed to fight the ‘obesogenic’ environment to live a healthier, less weighty life!

Research shows that the most effective way we know to change behaviour is as easy as ABC:

Act – Belong - Commit.

  1. Act = Decide to change and want to do ‘something’ about it.
  2. Belong = Join and belong to a program or a group that is doing ‘something’ about it.
  3. Commit = Use that program to help you to stick with it until you have done ‘something’ about it.

This approach is something that is clearly emphasised in these programs.

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