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When it comes to weight loss, managing physical activity is only second in importance to energy intake. When referring to physical activity we prefer to use the term ‘movement’ rather than exercise.

For many, especially if you are just starting to consider losing weight, the word ‘exercise’ often conjures up images of uncomfortable pain, sweat and tears. To begin with, if you are not physically active, we concentrate on getting you moving just a little more than normal, or if you’re already physically active, a lot more than normal (maybe in the form of rigorous movement).

We want you to develop lifestyle changes which incorporate the view that:

           ‘All forms of movement are an opportunity not an inconvenience’.

A little movement is better than none; more movement is better than a little.

While movement alone - in the early stages - does not appear to shift weight as much as everyone would hope, the evidence is clear that physical activity is an important determinant in being able to sustain weight loss for the long-term.

We have found that the best physical activities for weight loss are those that ‘defy gravity’. Walking for example, has consistently been found to be the most effective and sustainable weight and waist loss related physical activity. We have many more physical activity ideas for a healthier future and we look forward to sharing these with you in the programs!


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